Reviews of AuricAG products

Dutch Treat

A local budtender praised our "...very potent strain that will give you a great body high and a niice calming effect. Everyone needs to try this strain"
"The high on this is balanced well with an underlying calm throughout. I was chill, and my attention was dedicated to the task at hand. There was considerable body high to this." -The Aging Ent

Snoops Dream

"Overall, the AuricAG-grown Snoop’s Dream provided a combination of body relaxation and mental clarity that was ideal for going out with friends without the constant mental stimulation of a straight sativa" -Sohum Shah, The Cannabist
"Snoops Dream is a perfect strain to unwind with; there is a decent body vibe, and the head high is strong. One of my favorite things about the high is that it’s a creeper, slowly peaking until arrival at a state of euphoric distraction". -Fischer Campbell,

Super Sour Silver Diesel Haze

"It’s a sticky delicious experience with strong effects"